Welcome to the Baroque Spanish Horse Stud

We are dedicated to breeding the very best Spanish horses with their wonderful trainability and gentle temperament.

Todays Spanish horses are descended from a long line of horses that go back to Medieval times. They were the preferred mount of Kings, and their beauty and intelligence means that they are the perfect mount for all riders, they are particularly good at dressage, and are equally good at jumping, eventing, hacking or working cattle.


Working Equitation Demonstration Class - Franklin 2015 - The Bull


Working Equitation Demonstration Class - Franklin 2015 - The Gate

A picture tells 1000 words about our working horses! The Working Equitation Class at the Royal Easter Show showing that our horses can be used for just about anything! Photo by Dreamwater Design.

With their willing and gentle nature they can be ridden by all ages and their riders quickly develop a passion for the Spanish breeds!

Our Spanish horses are equally at home in public demonstrations in front of thousands of spectators and one on one with children.

If you have ever wanted to have your very own dream horse then our Spanish horses are for you!