Terms & Conditions

All items offered are nett price in NZ Dollars each, the cost of postage and packaging is extra.

If you want to order an item please email us, items are offered on a first come first served basis. Items may be one - off originals so if you want to purchase something special please contact us as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.

We can often make you a special item, please contact us about this.

All items are represented on this website as best as possible, however actual colours may vary.

All items offered are pure wool except where noted as being a wool/silk mix or otherwise.

All handspun yarn is subject to irregularities in colour and in thickness and this is a feature of handspun yarn.

All hand dyed yarns could be subject to dye bleed however we have tried our best to ensure this does not happen and suggest that you wash them separately from other items, carefully hand wash and rinse to avoid dye bleeding.

Wool requires careful hand washing with luke warm water and mild soap to preserve its handspun or hand dyed nature. Rinse well with clean cold water, you can spin excess rinse water out of garment using the spin cycle only in your washing machine. Lay flat to dry.

Do NOT machine wash any garments or they could felt!

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